Esther L Greenbaum, LLC, located in the Central Business District of New Orleans, is a small law firm with a special focus on family law issues. With more than 55 years of combined experience in domestic relations, we are committed to helping those individuals who come to us for legal advice about divorce and family law matters.


1. Your lawyer should be competent in the area of divorce law.
The Louisiana State Bar Association now offers lawyers the ability to receive a special certification as a family law specialist, which includes divorce and related matters. You can confirm that your lawyer is board certified by contacting the Bar Association. There are lawyers who may not be board certified family law specialists, but whose experience in the area of family law may make them experts in this field of law.

2. Your lawyer should clearly explain his/her fee structure to you.
Most lawyers charge an hourly rate for their services, and obtain an advance deposit, which is placed in his/her trust account, and utilized as the time is expended or costs are incurred. You have the right to receive periodic itemized bills which reflect how the retainer has been used.

3. Your lawyer should be accessible to you.
a. Your lawyer should be accessible to you during normal business hours.
b. Phone calls should be promptly returned.
c. You should be able to arrange consultations with your lawyer, upon reasonable notice.
d. Your lawyer should review pleadings with you before filing them.
e. Your lawyer should send you copies of all important correspondence, and certified copies of all judgments obtained in your case.

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